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Outreach and service for the community:

In 2018, together with Morten Irgens (Oslo Metropolitan University) and Philipp Slusallek (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), I have established CLAIRE, an initiative by the European AI community that seeks to strengthen European excellence in research and innovation across all areas of AI, for all of Europe, with a human-centred focus. CLAIRE has attracted major media coverage and garnered broad support by close to 2000 AI experts, more than 100 fellows of various scientific AI associations, many editors of scientific AI journals, national AI societies, top AI institutes and key stakeholders in industry and other organisations, as well as by the governments of nine EU member states, the AAAI, ESA and recently, the European Commission (for details, see claire- ai.org).

Since February 2020, I am chair of the executive board of the CLAIRE association, an international non-profit association under Belgian Law that comprises the world's largest AI research network. Since June 2020, CLAIRE also operates an innovation network that brings together European companies engaged in AI research and innovation across all sectors of applications.

CLAIRE and its members are contributing in various ways to the European AI strategy, including leadership roles in the recently established ICT-48 Networks of Centres of Excellence in AI and in Adra, a new public-private partnership on AI, Data and Robotics Association that works closely with the European Commission, as well as direct consultation with the European Commission and national governments.

Together with AIhub, an international non-profit association dedicated to the dissemination of high-quality information on AI, CLAIRE works towards raising awareness of AI for Good, i.e., AI for the benefit of humanity (e.g., through work towards meeting the UN sustainable development goals) and AI for All, i.e., uses and applications of AI that bring benefits to all stakeholders in society rather than profits to a select few. Since 2020, I serve as a trustee of AIhub.

On behalf of CLAIRE, I frequently give presentations on AI research, innovation and applications, as well as on various aspects of the European AI strategy to political decision makers at the EU, national, regional and municipal levels, to government agencies and organisations, non-governmental organisations, and within the AI research and innovation community.

Aside from my role in CLAIRE, I currently advise the European Commission (as a senior expert for the international outreach on human-centric AI), the German government (as member of the international advisory board for the German excellence centres in AI), the Flemish government (as member of the international advisory board of the Flemish AI Research Programme) and Sorbonne University (as member of their international advisory board for their AI centre).

Media coverage:

My outreach activities are regularly covered in the main-stream media; recent examples can be found on CLAIRE's media coverage page and on my official Leiden University home page. I am also active, and widely followed, on social media, notably Twitter and LinkedIn; if you are interested in regular updates on my various activities, follow me there.

Service and leadership within the research community:

A significant part of my professional activities is focussed on service within the AI research community. Leadership roles in this context include the following:

  • Since January 2021, I am Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR), one of the top publication venues in AI, following many years of service to the journal in various other roles.
  • Since September 2020, I am the vice-president of EurAI, the premier scholary association for AI in Europe.
  • Since February 2021, I am member of the President's Advisory Committee of the AAAI, the world's leading scholarly association for AI, after several years of service to AAAI in various other roles.
  • 2009-2013, I have served as President of the Canadian Artificial Intelligence Association (CAIAC), Canada's scholarly association for AI.
I also serve regularly on selection committees for prestigious fellowships (AAAI, EurAI) and major awards (IJCAI-JAIR), and in senior editorial and organisational roles for leading international journals and conferences.

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